Thursday, October 2, 2008

Testing my new Arteco products weee =D

I've been reading a lot of good feedback about Artdeco products so I decided to try it. I recently purchased some some Artdeco shadows (I've got 1 freebie e/s yipee) and their eye primer. Now I've gotta practice how to apply 'em hehe.

Here's my look for today. I'm feel like I'm beginning to learn already yey =D.

I used the following:


Artdeco eyeshadow primer
Artdeco eyeshadows (I'll edit this post when I get the nos. sorry)
VOV e/s to highlight the eyes
Loreal dark brown e/s for brows
In2it dark brown liquid eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines
VOV white eyeliner on the water lines
Body Shop Mascara


Elf pink blush

Maybelline UV White Base
Skin Food Lemon Foundation
Ocean Mist Lightly Tinted Finish

Maybelline Ultra Shine LipsTick
Elf Pink Lip Gloss

What can I say? I totally love the artdeco e/s. Love the color and it's easy to blend. But I find the e/s primer how to apply....hmmm maybe I just don't know the proper way to apply it. I can't see the difference of the e/s when applied without a primer. Oooops..I just forgot to try haha. I need must practice =P

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