Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New stuff from mom and my sisters =D

Just wanna blog the early Christmas gifts I got from my mom and my sisters yey =). Finally...after two months of waiting for my package....Just to note...this is the second time we've experienced a super delayed package shipped thru Star Kargo =( I asked my dad not to ship thru them anymore but he said that it's the only one they can find who picks up the package at home so they have no least I still received it right? And not to mention, the stuff inside were all in good condition.

Back to the presents I received, when my sister found out that my parents are going to send me a package, she asked me to choose anything from the Forever 21 site. A chose a black blazer and chose another one just in case my first choice was not available. But then she got me both! yey...Thanks ate! That was soo generous of you..

Also, my mom and little sister bought me Hollister them all. The pink one I was wearing on the picture was one of them. They also got me 4 bags. The red bag by Marc Ecko was my favorite of them all =) I'll post pics when I get to use them already.
Thank you sooo much! Love you all....

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