Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Project Beauty

And I thought I can learn everything about makeup just by watching you tube tutorial videos...

I was browsing thru Sophie's online mineral makeup store and found out about this.

Project Beauty is the first makeup workshop I've attended and I'm so glad I joined because I learned a lot of new things from Brigitte ( and Sophie ( They were so nice also. I was so glad to meet people whose interest is the same as mine =D I'm already thinking to make this a career hahahah.

New stuff from mom and my sisters =D

Just wanna blog the early Christmas gifts I got from my mom and my sisters yey =). Finally...after two months of waiting for my package....Just to note...this is the second time we've experienced a super delayed package shipped thru Star Kargo =( I asked my dad not to ship thru them anymore but he said that it's the only one they can find who picks up the package at home so they have no least I still received it right? And not to mention, the stuff inside were all in good condition.

Back to the presents I received, when my sister found out that my parents are going to send me a package, she asked me to choose anything from the Forever 21 site. A chose a black blazer and chose another one just in case my first choice was not available. But then she got me both! yey...Thanks ate! That was soo generous of you..

Also, my mom and little sister bought me Hollister them all. The pink one I was wearing on the picture was one of them. They also got me 4 bags. The red bag by Marc Ecko was my favorite of them all =) I'll post pics when I get to use them already.
Thank you sooo much! Love you all....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My pink EOTD...

Playing with my new body shop pink mineral e/s and Coastal Scents palette. We'll..this is a new look for me. I always wear brown e/s for the office and this is a happy day for me so I said pink it is!..

What can I say about my pink Boday Shop e/s???...I'm not in love with the color that much. I guess it's not just my favorite shade of pink. I used my Artdeco e/s primer before applying it and it was kinda hard to blend. But the staying's a thumbs up!!!

As for my Coastal Scents palette, I was so glad that I found a store on Ebay selling it. I always hear good feedback about this product and I told myself...I must have one! haha. So if you want one...look for bebee_phat on Ebay. (I'm not here to help her or what but I have a good experience dealing with her so I recommend her =D)

What can I say about the shade I used in the Coastal Scents palette?...I thought I used the dark purple one but when I applied it, it's almost the same as the Body Shop e/s haha...but I don't want it smokey for the office so I just blended it with the pink...Anyways, it still turned out the way I want it. Will try using all the shaded in the palette...haha good luck Kim!
Here's my EOTD:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The eye chart

For beginners like me...this is really helpful coz sometimes you get confused on the terms when watching you tube video tutorials and stuff....Got this from one of my fav blogger. Thanks pursebuzz! =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Testing my new Arteco products weee =D

I've been reading a lot of good feedback about Artdeco products so I decided to try it. I recently purchased some some Artdeco shadows (I've got 1 freebie e/s yipee) and their eye primer. Now I've gotta practice how to apply 'em hehe.

Here's my look for today. I'm feel like I'm beginning to learn already yey =D.

I used the following:


Artdeco eyeshadow primer
Artdeco eyeshadows (I'll edit this post when I get the nos. sorry)
VOV e/s to highlight the eyes
Loreal dark brown e/s for brows
In2it dark brown liquid eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines
VOV white eyeliner on the water lines
Body Shop Mascara


Elf pink blush

Maybelline UV White Base
Skin Food Lemon Foundation
Ocean Mist Lightly Tinted Finish

Maybelline Ultra Shine LipsTick
Elf Pink Lip Gloss

What can I say? I totally love the artdeco e/s. Love the color and it's easy to blend. But I find the e/s primer how to apply....hmmm maybe I just don't know the proper way to apply it. I can't see the difference of the e/s when applied without a primer. Oooops..I just forgot to try haha. I need must practice =P

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Makeup sale @ Watsons Hypermart at Oct 3-4

I went to SM Hypermart last night before going home from work to buy a Maybelline watershine lipstick but then i saw their ad about their upcoming sale so i postponed it hahaha...

But I really can resist their White Stay UV Base 01 even though it's only 10% off. I've been looking for a quality yet affordable make up base for 2 weeks now and i think this is worth a try. This one costs around 250 bcks or more I think so it's now that painful on my budget =D

The makeup late bloomer...

It all started by just being kikay haha...then I heard a girl about a month ago rambling about mineral makeup.

I got curious so I googled it. Only to find out that I'm sooo outdated already! See...being an IT really sucks! haha. I don't get to watch tv anymore, less shopping because of my work schedule and worst of all...I get outdated when it comes to fashion stuff huhuhu...Anyways, it's still my source of income. I told myself I have to make it up! And this is the start of my being a make-up addict....